This component provides a supervision mechanism over tshistory.

The central use case is as follows:

  • time series from third party providers are stored as is

  • from time to time, a data analyst will want to override (bogus) values, and need to know what values were overriden

  • when upstream fix its bogus values the fixed values must override the data analyst fixes

  • the complete series history must retain information on the supervision activity


The basic tshistory usage is described on its own documentation.

An override is made as follows:

>>> tsa.update('my-series', series, '', manual=True)

This also works with the replace api call.

Inserted values will show up in the next .get call.

Specific API calls exist to provide a standard workflow:

  • .edited returns a couple series and markers where series is like the output of a standard .get call and markers a boolean series indicating whether any data point is from upstream or a manual edition.

The series metadata grows a new supervision-status attribute, whose value can be one of unsupervised, supervised and hand-crafted.

Hand-crafted is for series that are entirely made of manual updates.